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 ~Updated~ GameMaster Rules

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Stairs To Heaven Admin

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PostSubject: ~Updated~ GameMaster Rules   Sun Jun 08, 2008 12:40 pm

Rules for: GameMasters (GMs)

1). Do NOT give Gold, Items or Levels to other Players!
2). Do NOT Morph to much, it'll maybe crash the server.
3). Do NOT Kick or Bann players for fun!
4). Do NOT Kick other players without a Reason!
5). Do NOT Try to sell your GameMaster Account (Bann)
6). Do NOT Give out your GM Account to your un-experienced Friend!
7). Only your self must play on the GM Account (If your friend want a chance to be GM, make a GM App)

~ Please follow those rules, and you'll be a great GM Smile
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~Updated~ GameMaster Rules
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