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 >> Player Rules - GM Rules <<

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PostSubject: >> Player Rules - GM Rules <<   Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:39 am

Player Rules :

- You are not aloud to tell another player / GM rude things.

- When you are playing in an event, And you either hack anyhow - weapon stack or anything will get a warning. If you do the same thing next time on another event . Immediately 24 hours banned. And if you are that annoying by using the same hack, you'll get permanently banned without warning !

- If you dont respect GMs, you'll get a warning and be warned to the other GMs. After that you will get banned for 24 hours.

- In Chat's you are not aloud to talk another language then english. You'll get a kick from the server, then banned for 1 hour.

- Begging for money / things / lvl's from a GM will get kick from server. If you do continue you'll either get ignored by the GM or all the GMs will .blockwhisper <name> So you wont get help from a Game Master !

- If we see you with a GM wep you'll get asked who gave you it. If you do not tell us you'll get banned for 24 hours . And if you come back and we ask once more and you wont answer, perm bann for either Begging a GM for things / lvls or Disrespecting the staff.


GM Rules :

- If we get a complain about you we'll take it up with you. If you have talked shit about another player we will talk about how bad it is and dicuss if you get a warning or removed from the staff.

- You are not aloud to give out lvl's, money or items to a player if it is not logical. With logical i mean if he have lost his Magma Main Hand or something . But if we have lost it and told you, you'll have to ask for a Screen Picture or have seen him with the item. When you give him the item, make sure you tell a high ranked GM / Admin.

- You'll have to show respect for the other staff and players. Even if the player are lower ranked then you but you have no right to talk rude things about the player. What will taken up.

- If you make an event you'll have to ask for permission from another high ranked GM/Admin. If the GM/Admin tells you know and you still do it, your GM powers will be removed immediately and get banned for a 24 hours.

- Abusing of your powers by kicking peoples, ruining other events or eventually kill a player without it is OK for him will be taken up with the staff. May lead to a bann.

- Do not use .wannounce / .announce to just talk shit like when a player whispers you and where can i find the mall. Do not use the .announce to say like : .announce press at the teleporter, capital citys and then alliance mall.
That will just give u a warning and taken up with the staff if you keep doing it.

- Helping a player in PvE - Banned permanently unless permission of a Admin / High ranked GM

- Also when you get a player banned you'll have to tell the admin / High ranked GM about it.

>>>> If any player catches a GM that does not follow the rule, Please make sure to talk with an High ranked GM / Staff about it. - If you want you can tell the GM to not do it too.


Forum Rules :

- Post things in there correct section

- Do not double post. Double post will be ignored and taken as spam.

- Use the spam section to do your random spam. Spam section is in you school book Smile

- No racial comments or jokes

- Do not flame or troll

- No threatning comments against the server, GMs or players

- No nudity or fool language
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>> Player Rules - GM Rules <<
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