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 ~Updated~ How to Connect for "Stairs To Heaven"

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Stairs To Heaven Admin
Stairs To Heaven Admin

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PostSubject: ~Updated~ How to Connect for "Stairs To Heaven"   Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:22 am

How to Connect: Stairs to Heaven!


Hamachi, World of Warcraft, and Internet.

1). Download Hamachi:
2). When Installed Hamachi, join 1 of those Networks on Hamachi (ONLY JOIN 1 OF THOSE):

Network Name1: STH-Server-1 ~ Password: 0000
Network Name2: STH-Server-2 ~ Password: 0000
Network Name3: STH-Server-3 ~ Password: 0000
Network Name4: STH-Server-4 ~ Password: 0000
Network Name5: STH-Server-5 ~ Password: 0000
Network Name6: STH-Server-6 ~ Password: 0000
Network Name7: STH-Server-7 ~ Password: 0000
Network Name8: STH-Server-8 ~ Password: 0000
Network Name9: STH-Server-9 ~ Password: 0000
Network Name10: STH-Server-10 ~ Password: 0000

3). PM "<Admin>Equillbrium^" on Hamachi, for a Ingame Account
4). When the Account is created, "<Admin>Equillbrium^" is Messaging you: "Account Created."
5). set realmlist

6). Enjoy Stairs to Heaven from the Admins & GMs!
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PostSubject: ..   Sat Jun 14, 2008 1:30 am

Well ur not always online so kinda hard to get an account -.-

~ I Know, but when i get a Router i make it Non-hamachi from Equillbrium.
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~Updated~ How to Connect for "Stairs To Heaven"
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