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 Ingame Rules on "Stairs To Heaven"

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Stairs To Heaven Admin
Stairs To Heaven Admin

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PostSubject: Ingame Rules on "Stairs To Heaven"   Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:00 am

Ingame Rules on: Stairs To Heaven!

1). Do not Cheat/Hack (We have Extra Security, and we also have Cheat&HackScan on Registed Players, Scripted by Admins)
2). Do not Spam (We have Seconds, for when you can speak again, so you can't spam, if you do you will get 3 Warnings, and Kick)
3). Do not Server Advertise other Server's (If you want to Advertise other Servers, do it on a other Server/Forum, Account Bann!)
4). Do not try to sell your Account (If you are trying to sell your Retail or Server account(s), you will get Bann on Forums and 3 Warnings ingame, and a Perm. Bann)
5). Allways Respect people (Do not use "Vulgar Language" ingame or on the Forums, you will get a Kick if you do)

~Other rules is coming soon!
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Ingame Rules on "Stairs To Heaven"
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