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 Rules of "Stairs To Heaven" (Rulelist nr. 2)

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Stairs To Heaven Admin
Stairs To Heaven Admin

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PostSubject: Rules of "Stairs To Heaven" (Rulelist nr. 2)   Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:06 am

This is an English speaking server. Keep other languages in private chat. (guild, party, or whisper)

No begging for anything from anyone at any time.

No kill stealing. Doing so could result in the banishment of your character or even your account.

No hacks of any kind are permitted in Stairs To Heaven.

Any exploits are to be reported immediately. Do not use or abuse exploits-that is cheating and will not be tolerated.

All requests for help will be done through the ticket system only. Do not clog or spam any public channel with issues of any kind.

Do not advertise other servers. Stairs To Heaven is not a billboard.

No spamming anything in any chat.

Do not be rude to flagged GM’s. Gm’s that are flagged are flagged to assist players.

Cursing in the main chat channels is not permitted with the exception of words “damn” and “hell” Vulgar language or conversation will not be tolerated

In accordance to the prior rule, no vulgar language or discussions will be tolerated.

Post any and all bugs in the forum to the Admins.

Any player vs player or GM vs player abuse should be screenshotted and submitted to an ADMIN. Please do not post abuse in the forums.

If you are dissatisfied with the server, other players, GM’s or ADMIN’s, do not openly discuss, criticize or bash in the main chat channels or through the ticket system.

When you use the ticket system, please be as descriptive as possible with your problem. “I need a rez” is not going to cut it. “I fell through the world and am now stuck dead. I am horde.” Is sufficient.

Have fun!
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Rules of "Stairs To Heaven" (Rulelist nr. 2)
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