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 Rules for this Forum (Post your own Item)

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Stairs To Heaven Admin

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PostSubject: Rules for this Forum (Post your own Item)   Sun Jun 08, 2008 12:33 pm

Rules: For Forum: Post your own Item!

1). Do not make/post overpowered items.. Like stats: 999999 etc. (No chance to add into the server)
2). Do not make/post Newbie item names.. Like name: We Pwn For Ever etc.
3). Do not make/post extra text.. Like: Lets pwn the gnomes etc.
4). Do not make/post Porngraphic names.. Like: Gangbang Hammer etc.

~ Enjoy your creation and remember to vote !!

- Don't know how to make weapons?
Just register on:

- Don't know how to get Display IDs?
Just use: and
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Rules for this Forum (Post your own Item)
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